Joyest Trading and Projects Pty Ltd has become a company interlinking with the best Directorships, providing stable complete Solar and Generator Solutions, ensuring we create a 100% off grid power supply.

We supply solar power systems jointly with servicing and maintaining of households, Industrial and commercial businesses. Whether it's to avoid load shedding or save on your monthly electrical bill, we can help!

Offerings: Hybrid PV Solar packages and cost effective solutions.


Joyest trading and Projects Pty Ltd, DMR power systems Pty Ltd , CS Maintenance Pty Ltd

solar package

Provide different options for different requirements

Our Top Battery brands is the Freedom Won as well as the BSL Lithium-Ion Batteries.

  • For “Off The Grid Solutions“ and “Hybrid Solutions“ for Residential and small Buildings as well as Industrial and Commercial.

Solar Systems are designed according to your Electricity usage/Demands and your property needs to be monitored for a period of 7 days with a Data Logger to achieve a more precise electricity usage estimate. Residentials to provide Ekhuruleni/Jhb City power Electrical bills 3 months summer readings and 3 months winter readings to determine a cost-effective pricing.